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Cytomine functions  
Acquisition High quality slide scanning at 20x & 40x
Upload 1,2 & Storage Hosting & Storage Managment
Data Import & Export
Organize User managment & permission rights
Project managment
Semantic object properties
Explore Everywhere & Anytime (Web browser)
High-resolution (multi-gigapixel) images
Image sequences (x,y,z,c,t)
Annotate Multiple regions of interest 3
Semantic information (ontologies, key-value properties, rich text description)
Content-based image retrieval algorithms  
Share & Review Live-broadcasting
Annotation sharing between connected user
Annotation sharing by email
Inter-observer study module (IRIS)  
Automatic analyses Tissue detection & Semantic segmentation  
Quantify whole tissue slides  
Generate tumor size statistics  
Object detection & classification  
Count marked cells within tissues  
Sort various types of cells  
Classify various phenotypes  
Quantify morphometric changes  
Landmark detection  
Statistical reporting  
Teach MOOCs    
On demand 4  
Extend Third party software integration 5
Algorithms implementation  
Plug-ins implementation  
Web applications implementation  

1. Compatible image formats: JP(E)G, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, JP2K, SVS, SVS J2K, SCN, NDPI, VMS, MRXS, VSI, DICOM. Maximum file size per image is 100 GB.
2. A Zip file containing multiple image is allowed (except for VMS and MRXS).
3. Ellipses, rectangles, polygons, points and freehand drawings.
4. Practical courses & examinations for e.g. Histology, Pathology, Cytology
5. Via RESTful standardized programming interfaces